Ambition. When we sign up for a new workshop or artsy class we check the imaginary box that says you have ambition for signing up and also the box that says we are willing to work within the imaginary constraints of the program. We are giving ourselves space to create and try new things, but the beautiful thing about creating is that we don't always have to color in between the line that we are prescribed.

"When the ambition is exponentially greater than the resource is when real innovation happens." - Adam Morgan (A Beautiful Constraint)

As I am learning more about myself, my creative juices, and the work that I am hoping will inspire other Speech Pathologists and Creative Theatre Artists...I have noticed the dots starting to connect in our passions and ambitions to help others grow. SLPs work to foster the growth of the voice and theatre artists' work to create a safe space for the voice to be heard.

So, let's continue to be ambitious creatives and keep connecting dots.

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