identity crisis vs the awakening

In all honesty, I was going to delete this webpage, but I had purchased a 2-year subscription…so I will own it for another year. Buckle up, friends.

Here’s where the identity crisis comes in. I have no need for this to be an actor website anymore or to have a “for casting” page with videos of 16-bar cuts. Theatre is on a pause and I haven’t submitted anything since May. So why am I still holding on to this actor identity?

For my friends who are also shifting careers and feeling the burn of the old world... There is SO MUCH MORE inside of you than this single actor identity. Find your creative loop, throw some paint on the wall, and let yourself awaken to the magic inside of you. Shifting your identity doesn't diminish anything, it honors the magic you have created before. The Pandemic is the perfect time to find the magic inside of you.

Some Reminders…

  • Just because you delete/step away from your acting persona, does not mean you will never do a show again.

  • If you remove your resume and headshot from your website to show off your new passion or new work, it does not mean that you will never send out a headshot/resume again.

  • You are still allowed to go to auditions and send in reels, shifting your career does not mean that you are leaving anything behind.


I'm going to start referring to myself as an (almost) CSLP - Creative Speech-Language Pathologist. Because that's who I am. That's my awakening.

What happens once you shift from an identity crisis to an awakening? What magic are you going to bring into the world? Who do you get to be?

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