Shifting... Not Changing.

When I first decided to make the shift from the professional theatre world into a therapeutic setting I thought that I would be met with a lot of "she couldn't make it in the biz" or "she burnt out." But I was met with hope and love. Most importantly, I was met with the realization that I will never stop being a theatre artist. Especially in our current time where live theatre is non-existent and we are having to create our own art. We are no longer showing up at 5 am to line up outside of Ripley Grier. We can't even leave our homes really.

So why this shift? I am tired of living in the old world where we had to follow industry rules and appearances. That was not a sustainable life or a healthy one at that.

I could show up every morning at 5 am for an audition that I might be seen at for the chance to do a show that might change someone's life. That is why I showed up as an actor. I showed up to change the perspective of individuals in the same way that my life was changed when I first experienced live theatre, to show them the possibility of this new world. I showed up as an actor because I knew the power that I had and the change that I could make in someone's life.

So, I am showing up as a speech-language pathologist to do the same work. I am stepping into a new type of role, a brand new show, and the cast is much more diverse. Being a theatre artist never leaves you, it just shows up a new way.

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