Skin promises

I got a new tattoo yesterday. Why is this important to write about? Why do you care?

I have inked myself with the intention of inclusion. My tattoo is a permanent skin promise to myself and those around me that they matter and their voices will be heard. I am here for them.

Growing up, I performed ASL in various nursing homes and community centers. I spent years interpreting music and pieces to individuals. Flash forward, May 2020. I released a video of me performing sign language, a language I hadn’t allowed in my body in nearly a decade. It felt so natural, freeing, and beautiful to be able to allow my body to communicate.

I can’t tell you exactly why I decided to start signing again. I think it had something to do with wanting to add an additional language on my CV for Graduate Programs and also a nice special skill for my performance resume.

But I can tell you that it has changed everything in my life. I feel more in tune with my body and free in my movement.

I love you.

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