Theatre as a safe space for every voice...

“Much like Samuel L. Jackson, Emily (Blunt) believed acting allowed her to be someone else for a while, to escape from the misjudgment of others… 'It was like a record skipping. If I could stop it, even momentarily, then that was a big deal. I felt confident that I could try it again in my everyday life.’” - Katherine Preston (Out With It)

Emily Blunt’s speech started to improve once she began drama at a young age. She recalled that her speech started changing when her drama teacher recommended her to start using a northern accent on certain words.

Accents are not the answer to changing and improving speech impediments, but playing around with drama techniques has the capacity to hold space for playing around with the voice in a safe and fun new way.

Theatre has always been a safe space for me and I have always found comfort in playing someone other than myself. Whether you dress in the apparel of a royal princess or flounce around the stage like a kangaroo, you begin to express yourself with new parts of your body and voice. You begin to PLAY and to EXPRESS new thoughts and movements. There is a sense of freedom in escaping the humdrum life of Makenzi and getting to play around in the dazzling life of Roxie Hart or a Disney Princess, such as Ariel or Cinderella.

Theatre gives us the chance to see the world from someone else’s eyes and to speak someone else’s words. How does your voice feel today?

“The word theatre comes from the Greeks. It means the seeing place. It is the place people come to see the truth about life and the social situation.” Stella Adler.

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